The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Firearms Association was formed as a not-for-profit company on the initiative of the Ministry of National Security, Office of the Prime Minister, following changes to the firearms legislation and the construction of a new firing range at Arnos Vale.

The NFA currently operates under the wing of the Ministry of National Security but it has its own constitution and will hold elections for key officers in the near future. The main purpose of the NFA is to provide licensed holders of firearms with training in firearms safety and to ensure proficiency in the use of their personal and sporting firearms. Regular training and practice sessions are held at the Arnos Vale Range.

The Royal St Vincent Police Force provides a cadre of firearms training officers, thanks to the support of the Police Commissioner, who assist the NFA in many aspects of its work. These Training Officers provide initial training in all aspects of firearms safety, certify initial proficiency and provide on-going practice and training sessions.

The NFA also sources and sells firearms to members of the association and sells ammunition for use by members in practice sessions. Every effort is made to provide the best value for money to members in the provision of quality firearms and practice ammunition. All profits from sales are retained by the NFA and used for the benefit of shooting sports in St Vincent & the Grenadines.