The principles of using the service pistol remain clear for all those who use a pistol for protection against a sudden armed attack:

  • Always carry your pistol with you
  • Use the largest calibre you can fire accurately
  • Fire as accurately and quickly as possible
  • Fire more rounds the closer you are to your attacker
  • Continue firing until the threat goes away

Anyone carrying a personal protection weapon would be well advised to adopt the principles outlined above for service pistol when deciding what type and size of weapon to own and use. Do not reject the revolver just because it may not seem fashionable. Instant and reliable discharge of the first round is vital and here the revolver scores over many modern pistols. But there is more to do than just select the weapon.

Practice with your pistol at least every few weeks and clean the weapon properly after use. Any of the courses of fire outlined above make for useful practice.

Basic standards for service pistol are simpler. On a white target measuring 18"x 24", fire one round in three seconds from 15 metres; fire two rounds in three seconds from 10 metres; fire three rounds in three seconds from 7 metres; reload, make safe and holster with six rounds; draw and fire two rounds in three seconds from 5 metres; and finally fire two shots, right handed unsupported in three seconds and two shots left handed unsupported, again in three seconds, all from 3 metres. Out of a total of twelve shots there should be a minimum of seven hits anywhere on the target when you have finished.

A number of different courses of fire for the service pistol will be fired at the new Arnos Vale Range run by the National Firearms Association, together with training and practice sessions. More details of the courses of fire, the targets and necessary equipment will appear on this website in due course.